Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scott, Carol and their youngest son Michael travel to Honduras twice a year as missionaries from their church. Their mission work there helps define who they are in this life. They work in support of a girl’s orphanage in the town of Taulabe in Central Honduras and consider themselves richly blessed with their second family in the girls of this orphanage. Throughout their visits, they are also involved with economic development projects with area mountain pastors guiding them and assisting them in providing a living for their families so as to grow their small churches as well as a medical mission where they take local doctors up into remote mountain villages for clinics. There is much opportunity for assistance here."My visits to Honduras are some of the most rewarding and humbling moments in my life" says Carol. "It is very important for me to continue in this mission. We are here on earth to serve our Lord and I can think of no greater way to do this than by serving these beautiful people who have such tremendous needs." Scott said, "It is awesome to now walk down the street of this small town and be recognized by the local people as someone to trust and love as we work together. We have found our niche here and excitedly look forward to each visit." For more pictures and information about Honduras visit and please ask Scott and Carol how you can help.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Browne Properties in Asheville North Carolina

Some Realtors have grew up in the Asheville area, and others know what it is like to make a move and a transition to a new area and begin investing in that area from day one. Scott and Carole Browne have done this and are ready to assist you with your move to Asheville North Carolina.

"Real estate sales, development and construction have been a life’s career for Scott Browne. For 32 continuous years, since college at The University of Akron in Akron Ohio, Scott has enjoyed independent success in this industry.

Originally from Bath, Ohio, Scott obtained an early interest in the real estate, development and construction business beginning in 1970 working for a medium-sized home builder. Throughout high school and college he worked for this same building company eventually leading the field supervision of the homes they built. In the mid 70’s he partnered with a medium-sized area real estate company to sub-divide and build small neighborhoods in his home town of Bath. Herein is the beginning of his real estate career.

In 1979 Scott married his partner in life and partner in business Carol. As newlyweds they moved to Naples Florida where Scott began the second phase of his career. As a Florida State Certified General Contractor and Licensed Florida Real Estate Salesman, Scott continued successfully in the development, construction and sales of SW Florida real estate for 13 years before moving to Asheville in 1993.

Licensed as a North Carolina Real Estate Broker in 1994, Scott has been continuously and independently been involved in small residential development, real estate investment, building construction and general real estate sales in Asheville, North Carolina. As a designated Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES ®), Scott has completed specialized training in the field of senior real estate services. Also an e-Pro® designate, Scott has satisfactorily attended the necessary coursework and demonstrated proficiency in the technology fields of real estate.

“For the past 15 years I have been a part of this industry’s prosperity, growth and change. Asheville is a wonderful place to be in business, raise children and nurture a family” says Scott. “I am blessed to have a career that I enjoy and that allows me to keep my family, business and life in proper focus”.

South Asheville Realty is Skyrocketing

And people are worried about Tiger Woods coming to town? The real estate development that is going on out here on the South side of Asheville is creating a landmark for many generations to come. Only a few years ago and this was just a bunch of hills and mountains, and no plans for the future. Then came Mr. Cecil, and he really started something here. I remember attending the grand opening years ago at One Biltmore Park. The Asheville Chamber had a big ribbon cutting ceremony, speech, and a small social. I was thinking "why here"... not knowing the "big picture". Now it is clear! This is the model high end development for other strategic investors to follow. Several other Asheville developers (and ones from out of town who are getting in on the early action) have gotten "the fever" and are doing their own sort of all-inclusive development. Versant and Reynolds Mountain in North Asheville are two of them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Appalachian Realty of Asheville NC

Appalachian Realty is an independent real estate brokerage serving your unique and personal real estate needs in the Western North Carolina market. They are located in a comfortable grand bungalow in downtown Asheville. Appalachian Realty Associates is a refreshing alternative to the big box franchise companies. They have been a guiding force in the Asheville real estate market since 1979. We have personally dealt with this firm and they did great for us. Thank you Appalachian Realty.

Montford Real Estate in Asheville NC

Here is a photo of a nice apartment building in the Montford community. Notice the adequate pillars with the cozy balconies in between.

If you take a drive or stroll in the Montford area, it will not be long till you are stopped with your jaw hanging open at some of the historical buildings inside the City limits of Asheville. Homes that you would be used to seeing in the "high end" part of Flatbush in Brooklyn New York (Foster Ave/E 16th Street area). Real Estate in this community has shot through the roof in the last 5 years. Montford has many great neighbors and is walking distance to downtown Asheville. Property in this area has plenty of restriction. The Montford Community Association goes by the book when you plan on developing in this neighborhood. I remember a friend of mine was dealing with them and they had to confirm the house colors (this is good), and would not allow him to put solar panels on his house if they were visible from the Asheville Civic Center. Satellite dishes are a no-no, but we have seen people in this area "rigging" their own camouflage hi-tech equipment, and installing it where it would be hard for the "Association" to see/find. If you gotta have, you gotta have it... I guess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Landmark Builders Keeps Building in Arden NC

A picture of a brand new foundation that Landmark Builders of Asheville NC is getting ready to build on. See video of this on Then, a beautiful TimberPeg home is about to be erected on this site. Asheville Framing will be completing all the framing, timbers, etc.

Bridge Construction In Weaverville North Carolina

Here is a quick picture of the bridge construction on 19/23 North. If you headed to New Stock Rd or further this past weekend, you did not get far without driving down the side streets. This bridge was hit by a truck several months ago. The bridge above has been closed since then, but they just got around to doing the demolition.

Asheville Firestone Property For Lease

Do not know the full story on this, but the Firestone Tires property (next to Taco Bell, Across from Subway) is available for lease. This could mean several things... Out of business (this is the first thing we assume because of the tough market we are in), or it could be moving to a new better location (this would be nice... and redo, not just rerent, the building) It needs some upfit.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Handyman Matters, Asheville Hendersonville NC

Whether it's a small do-it-yourself project gone awry or a contractor who stops returning calls midway through the job, a less than perfect home improvement project makes it hard to consider another in the future. As the owner of Handyman Matters, I have seen the aftermath of many such projects - from leaky windows and loose drywall to vinyl siding that blew off in the wind and a sagging deck improperly attached to a house - and have worked with the owners of these homes to remedy the situation and improve their properties for the long haul.

In some cases, I was called because the initial contractors were either unreachable or unwilling to fix the problem they caused but more often than not, my phone rings because an issue arises that must be taken care of immediately in order for the client to continue going about their business. For example, when a woman tried to leave for work one morning and her garage door wouldn't open, leaving her trapped in the garage with no alternate means to get to her job, or when a commercial establishment's doors would not function properly, preventing the business from opening on time to its customers, they require immediate attention. Unfortunately, some contractors feel this urgency requires an additional fee but I saw to it that each instance was responded to immediately without an additional charge. The same goes for when a shower door falls off when company is in town or grab rails become loose in the home of someone with disabilities: These are issues that must be addressed immediately and at a fair price. Yes, I do run a business but taking advantage of a client for a few extra dollars at a time when they are truly in need is no way to do so.

Since opening my business nearly four years ago, I've learned a lot about the industry - the most important thing being to know exactly what your team is capable of before putting them to work. Think: Is this the kind of worker I would refer my parents to? To ensure this, I only hire craftsmen with a minimum of five years experience in all trades and ask them to complete a skills assessment and in-depth background check. Though those steps may be enough to some business owners, they aren't for me: All work done by Handyman Matters is guaranteed for one full year upon completion. This is your home we're talking about here; don't accept anything less! Rick Clark is the owner of Handyman Matters, located at 4900 Jeter Mountain Road in Hendersonville. He can be reached by phone at (828) 698-5541 or by email at For more information, visit

Friday, November 7, 2008

Renters Refuse to Pay, West Asheville

Stopped by this development today on Sand Hill Road in West Asheville. To the left of this photo is "Phase 1" of their project. These new units are being completed now. While we were there, the manager was banging on doors with threats and notices to start paying the rent. We then heard her telling another resident in the development that half of the residents are not paying the rent and that they "need to get rid of everyone and bring a new crowd in". This market has really hurt everyone.

West Asheville Home

Quick pic of a nice two story home on Sulphur Springs Road in West Asheville. Notice the outset to the right and it also has a 4 way hip on the roof. Perfect fit for the area.

Asheville Real Estate, Beaver Lake

Beautiful home in the Beaver Lake area of North Asheville.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Parking Deck in Downtown Asheville

Parking decks (using that up/air space) is always a great idea for growing places like Asheville North Carolina. Here is a new parking deck almost finished. 

Kevin Kerr's Dream in Asheville NC

Kevin only had a little model he kept on top of his file cabinet for years before this project finally got under way. As one of the owners of The Buyer's Agent, he pretty much holds the position of "Visioneer" (the one who makes things happen). In the past few years, Kevin (Set Sail Development) has completed plenty of development in the downtown Asheville area including the office for the Buyer's Agent on Montford Avenue across from the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Their website is  

This place is prime office, retail, and condo space and will be a great addition and improvement to Downtown Asheville. Much more to come from Mr. Kevin. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome Asheville Realtors & Brokers

Asheville Real Estate is prime. Many people are looking to move to the area. I was reading some classifieds from some other US Cities and there were several "For Trade" home options, and they wanted to trade with someone from Asheville North Carolina. I got excited. Kind of thinking "look how far we have come", even in the past 10 years in the area. In this current weak economy, people are saying "I am just going to find someone to trade homes with, so I can get to Asheville North Carolina".

Buncombe County is developing on all sides surrounding Asheville. Whether you are headed North, South, East, or West Asheville; living options are everywhere. Land, estates, new homes, under construction, recently remodeled, green structures, and more.

If you are an Asheville Realtor or are involved in Asheville Real Estate in any way, we invite you to contribute to our blog community by sending us your email. Send it to We will then send you an invite from Blogger and you will be one of our local Asheville Real Estate Authors! (Upon approval of course, watching out for spammers, lol) Talk about your properties, your company, your connections, your network, your website, your "new" news that you need online immediately, your side hobbies, your resources, your meetings, your pet peeves, life as a Realtor, life as a developer... and the list can go on. Promote yourself, but give us some info too! Link back to your site or individual pages with your articles. Help your website and the Asheville community. Your company would also be featured on our site and this blog will be featured by many others in the area.

There are so many great Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Buncombe County. Meet many of them here on the Asheville Real Estate blog.