Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome Asheville Realtors & Brokers

Asheville Real Estate is prime. Many people are looking to move to the area. I was reading some classifieds from some other US Cities and there were several "For Trade" home options, and they wanted to trade with someone from Asheville North Carolina. I got excited. Kind of thinking "look how far we have come", even in the past 10 years in the area. In this current weak economy, people are saying "I am just going to find someone to trade homes with, so I can get to Asheville North Carolina".

Buncombe County is developing on all sides surrounding Asheville. Whether you are headed North, South, East, or West Asheville; living options are everywhere. Land, estates, new homes, under construction, recently remodeled, green structures, and more.

If you are an Asheville Realtor or are involved in Asheville Real Estate in any way, we invite you to contribute to our blog community by sending us your email. Send it to We will then send you an invite from Blogger and you will be one of our local Asheville Real Estate Authors! (Upon approval of course, watching out for spammers, lol) Talk about your properties, your company, your connections, your network, your website, your "new" news that you need online immediately, your side hobbies, your resources, your meetings, your pet peeves, life as a Realtor, life as a developer... and the list can go on. Promote yourself, but give us some info too! Link back to your site or individual pages with your articles. Help your website and the Asheville community. Your company would also be featured on our site and this blog will be featured by many others in the area.

There are so many great Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Buncombe County. Meet many of them here on the Asheville Real Estate blog.

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Ryahjoy said...

Great idea. Look forward to seeing many authors.