Saturday, November 8, 2008

Handyman Matters, Asheville Hendersonville NC

Whether it's a small do-it-yourself project gone awry or a contractor who stops returning calls midway through the job, a less than perfect home improvement project makes it hard to consider another in the future. As the owner of Handyman Matters, I have seen the aftermath of many such projects - from leaky windows and loose drywall to vinyl siding that blew off in the wind and a sagging deck improperly attached to a house - and have worked with the owners of these homes to remedy the situation and improve their properties for the long haul.

In some cases, I was called because the initial contractors were either unreachable or unwilling to fix the problem they caused but more often than not, my phone rings because an issue arises that must be taken care of immediately in order for the client to continue going about their business. For example, when a woman tried to leave for work one morning and her garage door wouldn't open, leaving her trapped in the garage with no alternate means to get to her job, or when a commercial establishment's doors would not function properly, preventing the business from opening on time to its customers, they require immediate attention. Unfortunately, some contractors feel this urgency requires an additional fee but I saw to it that each instance was responded to immediately without an additional charge. The same goes for when a shower door falls off when company is in town or grab rails become loose in the home of someone with disabilities: These are issues that must be addressed immediately and at a fair price. Yes, I do run a business but taking advantage of a client for a few extra dollars at a time when they are truly in need is no way to do so.

Since opening my business nearly four years ago, I've learned a lot about the industry - the most important thing being to know exactly what your team is capable of before putting them to work. Think: Is this the kind of worker I would refer my parents to? To ensure this, I only hire craftsmen with a minimum of five years experience in all trades and ask them to complete a skills assessment and in-depth background check. Though those steps may be enough to some business owners, they aren't for me: All work done by Handyman Matters is guaranteed for one full year upon completion. This is your home we're talking about here; don't accept anything less! Rick Clark is the owner of Handyman Matters, located at 4900 Jeter Mountain Road in Hendersonville. He can be reached by phone at (828) 698-5541 or by email at For more information, visit

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