Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scott, Carol and their youngest son Michael travel to Honduras twice a year as missionaries from their church. Their mission work there helps define who they are in this life. They work in support of a girl’s orphanage in the town of Taulabe in Central Honduras and consider themselves richly blessed with their second family in the girls of this orphanage. Throughout their visits, they are also involved with economic development projects with area mountain pastors guiding them and assisting them in providing a living for their families so as to grow their small churches as well as a medical mission where they take local doctors up into remote mountain villages for clinics. There is much opportunity for assistance here."My visits to Honduras are some of the most rewarding and humbling moments in my life" says Carol. "It is very important for me to continue in this mission. We are here on earth to serve our Lord and I can think of no greater way to do this than by serving these beautiful people who have such tremendous needs." Scott said, "It is awesome to now walk down the street of this small town and be recognized by the local people as someone to trust and love as we work together. We have found our niche here and excitedly look forward to each visit." For more pictures and information about Honduras visit and please ask Scott and Carol how you can help.

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Great to know. That is too awesome and inspiring.