Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Montford Real Estate in Asheville NC

Here is a photo of a nice apartment building in the Montford community. Notice the adequate pillars with the cozy balconies in between.

If you take a drive or stroll in the Montford area, it will not be long till you are stopped with your jaw hanging open at some of the historical buildings inside the City limits of Asheville. Homes that you would be used to seeing in the "high end" part of Flatbush in Brooklyn New York (Foster Ave/E 16th Street area). Real Estate in this community has shot through the roof in the last 5 years. Montford has many great neighbors and is walking distance to downtown Asheville. Property in this area has plenty of restriction. The Montford Community Association goes by the book when you plan on developing in this neighborhood. I remember a friend of mine was dealing with them and they had to confirm the house colors (this is good), and would not allow him to put solar panels on his house if they were visible from the Asheville Civic Center. Satellite dishes are a no-no, but we have seen people in this area "rigging" their own camouflage hi-tech equipment, and installing it where it would be hard for the "Association" to see/find. If you gotta have, you gotta have it... I guess.

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