Tuesday, November 25, 2008

South Asheville Realty is Skyrocketing

And people are worried about Tiger Woods coming to town? The real estate development that is going on out here on the South side of Asheville is creating a landmark for many generations to come. Only a few years ago and this was just a bunch of hills and mountains, and no plans for the future. Then came Mr. Cecil, and he really started something here. I remember attending the grand opening years ago at One Biltmore Park. The Asheville Chamber had a big ribbon cutting ceremony, speech, and a small social. I was thinking "why here"... not knowing the "big picture". Now it is clear! This is the model high end development for other strategic investors to follow. Several other Asheville developers (and ones from out of town who are getting in on the early action) have gotten "the fever" and are doing their own sort of all-inclusive development. Versant and Reynolds Mountain in North Asheville are two of them.

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